Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Booby Traps

As I left off from my Christmas Eve post, I was explaining about this Booby Trap thing.  Sometimes we are a little more creative, but the fact is that after midnight, we are just plain tired.  I had great ideas for this years booby trap thinking it would probably be the last, so I bought a bunch of stuff.  Paul was too tired, so he made the final decision.  Turns out that it was still successful.

Paul hung a sheet in the hall way then hid in the closet just behind the sheet with an air horn.  I had a bottle of sill string just around the corner.

We could hear the kids coming out and trying to decide who would go first.  It was finally voted that the youngest should go first.  I'm sure that's because it is like 8 votes to 1 that way.  So Kameron was chosen.  All he did was stick his hand on the sheet and begin to pull it back when Paul laid on the horn.

With a great scream, Kameron fell to the ground and quickly moved himself away from the front of the line.  As the others began to make their way through, I showered them with silly string.

I would have pictures, but since my closer up lens was dropped and broken in Puerto Rico, I would have had to stand in Ivins to get the shot of them coming out Christmas morning.  Also, it was too dark, and since I don't know how to run my camera well.....I just decided to man the silly string can.

Still proved to be entertaining!

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