Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Tamales

I had such a blast on Wednesday!!  I went to Erin Mylroie's to learn how to make tamales.  It was easy and fun!  Well, it's fun if you have someone to visit with while you're making them!  Erin is amazing....teaching her kids while we were working away.  I wish MY kids were being homeschooled by her!!  At the end of the tamale session, I realized that I hadn't taken one picture of the two of us making tamales.  Although I was sad to not have the memory, I really wasn't too sad because I hate having my picture taken.  And since I went over with no make-up and my hair up in a clip in that "I'm ready to go to work" fashion, it wasn't such a photographic moment.

We did, however, take pictures of our tamales in a can for Erin's blog, so click on this link and read about our day and get the recipes.... you'll be glad you did!!

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