Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Snow

The beautiful thing about living in Santa Clara is that it snows just enough to enjoy it, but not live in it.  And it snows so much around you that you can drive to it and have some fun, then come back to your toasty fire!

Christmas Eve morning, after the program practice, we headed to Pine Valley with all the warm gear we could find.  Did you know that it 250 lbs of clothing and 3-4 vehicles to transport you and your warm winter gear??!!  You also feel like the Pilsbury Dough Boy after you have enough layers on to think you can get out of the car and keep warm for 5 minutes-- IF the sun is shining.  If the wind is blowing, you only get 30 seconds.  By the way, it takes 2-3 hours to pack, 45 minutes to get there, 20 minutes to get dressed when you get there, and 10 minutes of sledding before you are freezing and ready to go home and spend another hour unpacking and two days washing clothes and drying out things.

Well, the sun was shining, but there was a nice cold breeze blowing, so Palo didn't last very long outside.  I took her back to the car, but was able to snap some good pictures first.  Then left my camera to whomever to get some more shots.

Lorenzo (Misi's brother) crashed into the tree first thing.  Then Britton crashed into the nice girl trying to help him out.  (Turns out is was our cousin, Courtney Jones.)  I'm still wondering if Lorenzo broke his foot.

According to reports, Whitnee had a nice wipeout and retired her sled after the fact.

Kallan still has a nice scrap on his shin.

 I'm sure Britton and Kameron both need chiropractic appointments.  You can see them airborne a couple of times.

All in all, it was a fun hour in the snow!

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