Monday, December 7, 2009

More Football

Football just keeps going on and on.....Both boys played in the Christmas Classic this last weekend.  They had a great time!

The Friday games were REALLY cold!  Britton's team lost on Friday 12-7, but then played the same team on Saturday and won 26-0, so we're not sure who took first place.  Kameron's team won both games taking the championship.  The exciting part was that they beat Dixie 19-0.  We lost to them in the regular season and the other 4th grade team lost to them in the championship.  Since we  combined for this tournament, there was a real desire to win!!  They were pretty excited.  Kam recovered a fumble.

Britton had at least 6  including a sack or two.  They are quite the players! You can see pictures of their games by going to this link:  Kameron is #85 on the 4th grade link-- lots of photos of him.  On the 5th grade white links, Britton is #84.

 Fun to watch!!  Nice job, boys!  Now we can move on to basketball......

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