Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Eve

It's amazing how you can leave practicing for the Christmas Eve Program with your kids saying, "it just doesn't feel like Christmas Eve," and you think the same thing, too.

Then magically something happens.  You show up at the Christmas Eve program, and see little angels, wooden soldiers with red circle cheeks, reindeer, and frosty's.  You feel this excitement and buzz in the air.

Then the program begins.  The excitement builds to see your own child.  And the giggles and laughter from the crowd watching that one performer who tends to "add a little something extra" to their performance.

Pretty soon, the program is over and you get all jittery, just knowing that soon Santa will come a jing-a-linging through the doorway to the gasps, shrieks and wide eyes of the little ones.

Waiting your turn for Santa can be almost excruciating-- especially if you're one of the older ones.

 But there is nothing like watching that little one's first time on Santa's knee.  It's a magical night and when the programs all over, THEN it feels like Christmas.

This year Kameron was a wooden soldier and did a great job.

 Britton got to "dance with girls," so he was even more excited.  I was in charge of their group and those boys really stepped up to the plate and did an awesome job!

Even Jadon got to sing a number between scene changes.

I was wondering how Palo would do on Santa's lap this year, but she actually did really good.  I thought she might scream and bawl.

Following the presents, we headed to Grandma & Grandpa Frei's for our dinner and visit with the family while the little ones played with their toys.  It's always such a fun time!

We came home and opened our pj's.  While we got this cute shot of the boys, the rest of us didn't quite get gathered for a photo.  You'll just have to observe them in the Christmas photos.

One of my kid's favorite things to do on Christmas Eve is to all sleep together in the same room..  When they started this, they wanted us to booby trap them in.  Booby traps get pretty lame when you are tired and trying to set traps after midnight.  But we usually get them pretty good.  I'm guessing this will be the last year they stay together.  Here's a cute picture of them getting settled.

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