Thursday, October 30, 2008


As I came in from my RS visits last night, Kallan said to me, "Mom, you are getting a Grandma's Butt!" Crushed beyond measure, I quickly replied, "Well, it's about time because I'm going to be a grandma!" Can you imagine the NERVE of that kid??!!! If that's not enough incentive to start an exercise program, then I don't know what is! So I dutifully got up this morning and started back into a routine--starting small because truthfully, I am out of shape.

So in revenge, I am posting this great picture of Kallan dressing up Sunday night when I was working on Jadon's stuff. Amanda was laughing so hard! I said, "just wait till Whitnee gets here! You will never stop laughing!" Kallan is Whitnee's prodigy. When Kallan came in, someone asked him who he was supposed to be and he replied, "Whitnee in 10 years." She wasn't too thrilled with that, so on behalf of Whitnee and I, enjoy these photos of Kallan!!!

Grandma Butt

What's happening

Okay, just a little more family update. I have been working feverishly on Jadon's costume and on the set at the school. I'm done with the costume, just need to finish helping on the set. Here is a sneak preview of Jadon. Before you get too excited, I only made the feet and gloves, the rest we got from Tuacahn and St. George Musical Theater. Mark your calendars for the play-- Nov. 20, 21, 22, & 24 at 7:30 pm. Britton is playing "Chip" but is double casted, so I'll have to see what nights he plays.

Paul and I will be going to SLC on Saturday to watch Mykelle play. It is Sophomore Day-- her last home game as a Sophmore besides their playoff games coming up. I will be teaching YW's on Sunday. I'm pretty excited I was asked to sub!

Paul did get a deer- -a small one. He finally has it all cut up and in the freezer.

Next Friday Paul and I will be leaving on our Midwest Floor Trip to the Mediterrarean. We start out in Venice, Italy, then sail to Croatia, Turkey, and Greece. Should be exciting and fun. If I have computer access, I will post on the blog just for fun!

The kids primary program in Sunday the 9th. Wes and Jadon are singing a harmony part with the primary for the closing song. It is SOO pretty. You're all invited to come, since Paul and I will miss it! Darn!

Pumpkin carving

Sunday we had our Halloween dinner. I did spider steaks, mashed potato ghosts, orange jello, squash, carrots, orange sherbet punch, oh and pumpkin soup. It was fun. Later that evening, we carved our pumpkins. This was a first for Amanda. She had a lot of fun. What was really funny is that Kameron did not want to stick his hand in his pumpkin and clean it out. Finally, when no one else would do it, he did. As you can see in the photos, it wasn't his favorite. We did keep our pumpkin seeds and I roasted them the other night. Yummy!

Football news

The boys are really doing great with football. They've all won their last two games. They have their last game this weekend, then go into the playoffs and championships. I'm not sure how they are all standing for that and will have to update that later. I did get a great shot of Britton's quarterback sack. He had 3 of them, I think. Two of them were back to back and he said he injured the quarterback on each one. ( I think he sacked one who was hurt, then they put another in and he got him, too). Whatever the story, he was proud of himself. ;o)

Kameron had his leg stepped on and jammed his thumb tackling. So he had a couple of little injuries himself.

Jadon's All State Choir

A couple of weekends ago, Jadon sang in the All State Choir. Amanda and I went up for it and it was AWESOME! The music was so fun and beautiful. Jadon was sitting right next to the organ pipes (can you see him in the center?) Of course, he said he couldn't hear anything after the organ solo. He really had such a good time, and we did, too. It was a fun weekend as it snowed up there. It was so pretty seeing everything covered in a layer of white-- then coming home to where it was warm! ;o)

Congrats to Jadon and the great job he is doing and the fun weekend!


Okay, Whitnee tagged me to put up a picture. The rules were to go to my pictures folder. Go to the 4th folder and pick out the 4th picture. So here this could be scary, because you just never know what the Webster's are storing and which person had the camera......Okay, that was very random. A photo of Mykelle playing volleyball in the summer games. But there you have it. Now I am supposed to tag 4 people, but I don't know that many bloggers. Lainee, Aubrey & Bradi, you're all I've got. Have fun!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Canning Queens

I spent yesterday evening with my sweet daughter-in-law bottling peaches and pears. Grandma Vicki helped, then Amanda came in wondering what we were doing. We bottle 96 quarts of peaches and pears. We have two more boxes of peaches and pears to go, but ran out of bottles, so we'll be back in business again, soon. Amanda was so funny. She was helping peel peaches and said she felt like the picture she saw in the Lion House in SLC of the ladies gathered together working. I told her that this was her "pioneer moment" but just wait until we start making quilts for the new baby! We couldn't get anyone to take a picture of us working hard, though. Tiff and I may stack all these bottles and take a picture because we are proud of our work! The bad news is that my counter cracked from the heat of the jars last night. Interestingly enough, I cannot feel or see the crack this morning. Don't know what that means-- overnight healing??!! ;o)

Philly Temple

I just had to jot a note about the excitement over the announcement of the Philly Temple. You see, when Wes first went out on his mission, the numbers for conversions were among the lowest in the states. A new Mission President came in a month later and really got things going. He told the missionaries that there was 6 million people in that city and they could find 500 to baptize. They reached that goal, then set one to double that-- 1,000. They reached that goal, too. They went from one of the lowest baptizing missions to one of the highest. Wes had told us that Pres. & Sis. Fillmore's goal was to have a temple announced in Philly before they left. They worked really hard and were even looking at property for a temple-- one spot was in downtown in an office building to be built in the style of the Manhattan Temple. Wes said that they also had property in Valley Forge. The Fillmore's were released in July of last year. The Fillmore's had no idea this temple was being announced. She told me in an email, "I was so stunned that I screamed and burst into tears and didn’t even hear the location of the 5th Temple announced."

My heart is just so full because I know that Wes was a part of bringing those people into the gospel that made it possible for this temple to be in their midst. I have watched them work hard in that mission to have the people ready for that temple. Wes said that this will boost missionary work so much now.

I am just so excited that I had to share my joy and appreciation to the Lord for such a wonderful blessing. Hopefully this will lift the people and bring the "slums" out of their life and help them reach for something higher.

Another Britton Football Funny

After Saturday's game, Paul told me that Britton said to him, "This has been a really rough year for me, but at the end of the season, I'm going to be a Master Football Player."

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Another week of Football

Today was a great day for football if you don't count the weather. Kallan played at 8:00 am this morning in the pouring rain the whole game. It was cold! The exciting part was that they won. The best part was how great Kallan played. He is the center and comes up against some pretty big boys. Today he was lined up against a kid who was probably a foot taller and at least 50-100 lbs bigger. Kallan was just moving him out of the way and the kid was getting mad. He spent the rest of the game wrestling Kallan, body slamming him to the ground, smashing his head into the turf, smashing his pads into the turf, wrenching his neck with a face mask. That Kallan had gotten into this kids head and he spent the whole game ticked at Kallan just trying to get him. He only got three tackles the whole game. Here's the reason why it was so great-- I found out at the end of the game that Conley Gali had told Paul that this kid had gone to Vegas recently for a weight lifting competition and had won in two areas making him the strongest 13 year old in the nation and MY boy was handling him! Guess you can't tell how proud I am of him. You can actually watch the games of Kallans online at User name is warriors. Password is championship. We're excited to rewatch that one! They won 12-6, but Pine View only scored with about 30 seconds left in the game when we fumbled.

Britton's team played the other Snow Canyon team today. It was a great match going back and forth. They won by four points (2 missed conversions and a safety.) Britt did a good job today, too.

Kameron's team won as well, so we were 3 for 3 today in the positive. Kameron is playing defensive end and this week they also began playing him at center. He wasn't too thrilled at first. He came home from practice and said, "they CREAM me when I hike the ball." He actually did a great job today and did a good job blocking after the snap.

Amazing Grace-- Jadon

Jadon sang Amazing Grace in Seminary the other day. It was awesome! Amanda recorded it for me. This is one of my favorite songs--version anyway. I've been waiting a long time for him to sing it. I was excited that he made it his own arrangement and added some stuff. I just LOVE listening to him sing! This is another great reason why I love being a mom!!! Great kids!

Jadon's Homecoming

Jadon is at Homecoming tonight. He wanted to take someone who might not get asked, so he took this sweet little exchange student from South Korea named Minn. She is a cute little thing and was SO excited to go on her FIRST American date! They looked really cute and were having a good time They ate at the Bracken's house and I fixed Parmesan Chicken with browned butter noodles and bruschetta. Other moms did Caesar salad, homemade French Bread, and Chocolate Mousse. I think it turned out great!