Monday, December 7, 2009


Paul, Britton, and I spent Thanksgiving in Vegas at a Football tournament.  We had a relaxing day....weighing in at 11 am and then waiting around to play at 4 pm.  We went to one of the few restaurants we found open and had lunch.  Britt did a good job and their team won their game.

Meanwhile, everyone else had dinner at our house.  Paul's sister, Ginger and all her kids and grandkids (but Kalee) were here for dinner. Paul's mom and sister, Julie, came with their families, too.  No one managed to take a picture, so all you get for Thanksgiving pictures this year are of football. ;o)

Britton played again on Friday, so we headed back down again.  They ended up winning their division and got a really BIG trophy!  I managed to slip in an hour's worth of shopping and picked up a few deals, so it was a nice head start on Christmas.

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