Sunday, June 29, 2008

This week's news 6/29/08

Last weekend Paul and Mykelle played in the summer games. Paul's team (basketball) didn't make it to the tournament. Mykelle's volleyball team took the Silver. She played against her old coaches and she really wanted to win, but I think they ran out of steam! I was pretty proud, though, because some ladies sitting by me were asking who the good setter was.

I talked in church last Sunday and Jadon sang. He did a great job. I got to talk on Girls Camp, so that was a good topic for me.

Kallan played at the Dixie College Team Camp this week. He was the only 8th grader that signed up, so he got to play with the 9th graders. He did a good job and improved over the week. He had a good time. All I could think about was calling Kaid and Yancy and apologizing to them for being a slacker Aunt when they played at it. I always got them there late and I still have a guilty conscience about it, so I hope I can earn their forgiveness. ;o) Kallan spoke in church today. (Yes, that means a Webster has spoken in church for the last three weeks.) He stole everyone's hearts with his great jokes. Melanie Spendlove turned around and said that it must be a barrel of fun around our house. I know what you are thinking, "you have NO idea!" right??!! Yep, that's what we told her!

We got Britton and Kameron set up with homemade lemonade and even found a snow cone machine. So they are in business now. It's mostly to get them out of the house and doing something good with their time. Hopefully they'll earn enough for school clothes.

Jadon got a job promotion and gets to start training to cook. He just found out that American Idol auditions are in Salt Lake on July 29th. I am so sad because I will be in Phoenix at a training meeting and won't be able to go with him. Guess Paul will get the opportunity.

I have been making Salsa for the fruitstand. If I'm lucky, I might be able to buy ME some new school clothes, too. ;o) My cookbook should be coming in a couple of weeks. I am really excited about that. I received a new church job this week. I've been called to be the secretary in Relief Society. Kind of funny that as soon as I find out I'm going to be a grandmother is when I graduate from Primary to RS. It should be an interesting experience for me since I've been in primary over 20 years and never been in RS or in Young Women's. Hopefully I can do some good. I was doing singing time for the summer. Now I'm sad that I can't do it, but I suppose something good will be around the corner.

Paul, Kallan, and I went to the cabin Friday night and came home Sat. afternoon. Paul ran over a screw backing into the cabin, so had to change his flat first thing Sat. morning. Then he worked on putting the paper on the face of the house to prep it for rock. (We may eventually get that rock up there) ;o) I spent the morning cleaning and mopping and getting ready for next weekend.

We will be going up on Thursday and coming home on Saturday. There is a Webster reunion at Vicki and Sandy's on Friday. The bummer is that the Whipple's won't be there. Also, Whitnee won't make it home. We got her tickets, but she can't get it off work. She's ready to come home and we are ready to see her. Jadon also has to work, so we're not sure when he will be able to come up. I just want my family all together-- guess that is a little harder these days. I suppose that is why I need to have a job or a hobby, so I don't bug them all the time. ;o)

Wes & Tiff have been in Scipio this weekend with her family for a reunion.

Whitnee & Misi were in Boston last weekend. Check out Whitnee's blog for the story and pictures. It's so cute. She has a countdown to her baby on there.

We hope you all are well and life is good!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I've Finally Done It!

I've finally gotten my act together and created a blog. I figure this will be a great way to keep in touch with family and friends. So I hope this all works!

I returned from Girls Camp on Saturday. I'm still recovering. I guess it's all those late nights and early mornings that are getting to me--before, during, and after camp. With summer here, no one wants to go to bed early. They can sleep in except when they have to get up to pick squash. Girls Camp was incredible. There was a strong spirit there. Guess that's why I love to go so much. I have to talk in church Sunday now, however. The good news is that Jadon is singing, too, so I know he will steal the show! ;o) I also will be subbing in singing time for the whole summer while the Musgraves are up north. So I have a busy Sunday ahead of me.

I have graduated with Honors from my Family, Time, Money & Freedom Course through Leslie Householder. I can tell you that it has been life changing and the best thing I have ever done! I will be attending a Mentoring Class of hers the end of July which will allow me to become a mentor, coach or teach classes on what I have learned. I am pretty excited about that. What a great way to help others improve their lives!

I have also finished my cookbook. I am just going through the proof now. The completed book will be here by the middle of July. I will be setting up a webpage for it as soon as I am through typing this blog. ;o) I am really excited about the cookbook! I'll post the link as soon as I get that all figured out.

I am also going to try and figure out how to set up a webpage for the Hold On song. Gina and I had to order more. We have sold 3,000 copies. This box of 1, 000 brings us to the 4,000 mark. Pretty good for no advertising and mostly word of mouth through Gina's young women groups.

Paul has me trying to build a couple of business, too, so I am keeping really busy trying to figure out how to do business via the internet. I'm also making salsa for the fruitstand. If I'm lucky, I might be able to by myself some clothes this year-- maybe even some new tennis shoes. I need some good ones for walking and running. Need to get myself into shape-- none of this "Grandma stuff," huh?

Keeping with Webster Weekly tradition, I thought I'd leave you all with a "funny" or two.

A week or so ago, there was some conversation going on in the kitchen. (It's been too long for me to remember the details since I didn't write it down). Anyway, a question was asked and Britton said, "that's a rhetorical question!" Yes, you are right, Paul and all those gathered had to get a definition of the word rhetorical from Britton so they could understand his comment. (In case you are wondering, too, Britton's definition was, "it is a question that was basically repeated." If you want the real definition, you can check it out here...)

Today while taking Kameron to basketball camp, he was telling me some of the kids on his baseball team. There was a player that he couldn't remember and he said to me, "I know this, but his name 'escapes' me!" How do you not laugh when they sound so grown up?

Have a great week! Love to all!

PS. My friend, Erin Mylroie, has a great blog. She is a great cook and has been on food network and won a lot of cooking competitions. She posts a recipe a day on her blog. I have tried a few and they are great! Loved the rootbeer ones! Since being gone, I have to get on and try the new stuff!

Wes & Tiff

Wes & Tiff are still plugging along in their routine. Wes working. Tiff going to school, teaching swimming lessons, and helping her mom and Melody with picture books for their photography business. Guess that is what you get when you are multi-talented!

Tiff just attended girls camp with me as my assistant. What a tremendous experience it was to share with my daughter-in-law! She is amazing and so in tune with the spirit. She was exactly what the girls needed this camp-- and what I needed, too! She touched a lot of lives and made a great impact. What a blessing to have such a great addition to our family. Wes married up-- at least we taught him to pick well! ;o)

They are the Bear Den Leaders and are doing a great job!! Wes is a natural at scouting. Maybe it's because he's never quite grown up like his dad! ;o) It is great to see him teach those boys. He is really great!

Whitnee & Misi

Whit & Misi are still in Texas. Misi will finish up school in July. They found out on Saturday that their old agent had not even registered Misi in the NFL, so his name was not on any lists for the draft-- thus the reason for not getting drafted. His new agent has been calling all 32 teams this week and is trying to get him into some individual camps and working hard for him, so we are hopeful and excited again. Please keep them in your prayers!

The exciting news is that they are expecting a BABY!! WOW OH WOW!!! We are so excited!! Not that Paul and I didn't know this could happen, we were just really surprised-- no really, we just haven't come to grips with that Grandma and Grandpa title yet, but we have 8 months to get used to it! Whitnee is doing well! She is tired and nothing sounds good to eat, but I figure that is better than puking all the time. She is in great shape and good health, so I know all will be well. Guess for a due date is the end of January. She will be having an ultrasound next week to give them a better idea of how far long she is since she keeps track like her mother. ;o)

Won't it be exciting to see how cute this little bugger is?? The Tupe's are short on boys and the Webster's are short on girls, so it will be well loved no matter what. I think Misi is pretty excited. I haven't really talked to him yet, but I know he has always wanted kids and loves them. Wes & Jadon wished him a Happy Father's Day. Misi also had to talk in church Sunday. We were taking over the church for Father's Day, I guess. ;o)

Whitnee's working on setting up her blog. I have the link on my site so you can drop her a note. They will be in Boston this weekend visiting Misi's Uncle, then she will post pictures and stories next week.

Monday, June 16, 2008


Mykelle is still working for Paul. She is also helping Tiffany with swimming lessons that will start again next week. She talked in church yesterday (Father's Day) and did a great job!! She will be playing volleyball in the summer games this weekend with Misi's cousins.


Jadon got a job at Twenty-Five Main this summer. It is a cute little cafe on Main Street. He is dishwashing, so it's not his favorite job. His hands are chapped and sore, too.

The good thing is that we are working on getting a "program" of sorts together so he can start singing at weddings. I'm excited to get him all ready and see how he does.

He did a back flip at his friends pool Saturday night and chipped his front tooth and nearly ran his bottom teeth through his lip. Fortunately, he is doing well and we were able to get his tooth fixed today.

He will be singing in church next week. He also sings Aug. 10-- on Britt's birthday.


Kallan just finished up an undefeated season of baseball. His team played in a double header tournament on Tuesday to finish up with a perfect record. He has been playing shortstop and has also played in the field some. He did a great job this year.

Kallan is also working in the squash patch with Grandma Vicki. He loves earning extra money. He is also trying to get into the JAG golf program. He loves golf now since he has been playing Tiger Woods on the ninetendo.

Kallan got braces on a week or so ago. It was a rough first few days since his mouth hurt and he couldn't eat anything. He's doing much better now, and excited for his teeth to look beautiful! ;o)

One sweet thing about Kallan-- he came home from church Sunday and began trying to play some hymns. He is trying to make sure that he can play a hymn or two in case his brothers don't show up to Priesthood. I guess Jadon has been asked to play the piano in Priesthood and Wesley is his backup. Sometimes they forget to get a sub if they aren't there. Kallan took it upon himself to be able to back them up if needed. What a great kid!!


Britton just finished up baseball, too. His team went undefeated and won their league. Britton had a great last game! He nearly had a grand slam, too, just after Kam's game where Kam hit one. Britt's coach stopped him on third. Darn it! He had two or three triples that game. He also got to pitch in one game this year. He is a pretty good ball player. It's been fun to watch him. He has been playing third base.

We're trying to find a "snow shack" so he can start selling shave ice to occupy his time and help him earn some money.


Since I am just beginning to blog, I have decided to post about each of the kids during the last couple of weeks.

Kameron was baptized on May 31. Jadon baptized him. True to Webster Form, we arrived at the church a half and hour early and found out that they changed the baptism times. We quickly began filling the font, then called around to find the high councilman to get permission to do our own baptism. I told Paul he could give one talk and I would give the other. We had Wes play the piano, Jadon sing a song, Tiffany and Grandma Vicki give prayers and Aunt Sue lead the music. We pulled it off in a few minutes-- only running ten minutes behind our scheduled time of 4:30. It turned out to be a beautiful baptism and Kameron was really happy.

Kam also finished up baseball this week. I had the time down wrong for his last game, so he only caught the last fifteen minutes. The game before, however, he hit a grand slam. He was SO excited! His coaches started calling him "Grand Slam Kam!" What a great title!

Now he is just helping pick squash and practicing piano since they have lessons during the summer.

He has also started scouts and is VERY excited to go! He has already earned his Bobcat award and kept on me until I got all the badges and right things sewn on his shirt!