Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wes & Tiff

Wes & Tiff are still plugging along in their routine. Wes working. Tiff going to school, teaching swimming lessons, and helping her mom and Melody with picture books for their photography business. Guess that is what you get when you are multi-talented!

Tiff just attended girls camp with me as my assistant. What a tremendous experience it was to share with my daughter-in-law! She is amazing and so in tune with the spirit. She was exactly what the girls needed this camp-- and what I needed, too! She touched a lot of lives and made a great impact. What a blessing to have such a great addition to our family. Wes married up-- at least we taught him to pick well! ;o)

They are the Bear Den Leaders and are doing a great job!! Wes is a natural at scouting. Maybe it's because he's never quite grown up like his dad! ;o) It is great to see him teach those boys. He is really great!

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