Monday, June 16, 2008


Since I am just beginning to blog, I have decided to post about each of the kids during the last couple of weeks.

Kameron was baptized on May 31. Jadon baptized him. True to Webster Form, we arrived at the church a half and hour early and found out that they changed the baptism times. We quickly began filling the font, then called around to find the high councilman to get permission to do our own baptism. I told Paul he could give one talk and I would give the other. We had Wes play the piano, Jadon sing a song, Tiffany and Grandma Vicki give prayers and Aunt Sue lead the music. We pulled it off in a few minutes-- only running ten minutes behind our scheduled time of 4:30. It turned out to be a beautiful baptism and Kameron was really happy.

Kam also finished up baseball this week. I had the time down wrong for his last game, so he only caught the last fifteen minutes. The game before, however, he hit a grand slam. He was SO excited! His coaches started calling him "Grand Slam Kam!" What a great title!

Now he is just helping pick squash and practicing piano since they have lessons during the summer.

He has also started scouts and is VERY excited to go! He has already earned his Bobcat award and kept on me until I got all the badges and right things sewn on his shirt!

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