Sunday, June 29, 2008

This week's news 6/29/08

Last weekend Paul and Mykelle played in the summer games. Paul's team (basketball) didn't make it to the tournament. Mykelle's volleyball team took the Silver. She played against her old coaches and she really wanted to win, but I think they ran out of steam! I was pretty proud, though, because some ladies sitting by me were asking who the good setter was.

I talked in church last Sunday and Jadon sang. He did a great job. I got to talk on Girls Camp, so that was a good topic for me.

Kallan played at the Dixie College Team Camp this week. He was the only 8th grader that signed up, so he got to play with the 9th graders. He did a good job and improved over the week. He had a good time. All I could think about was calling Kaid and Yancy and apologizing to them for being a slacker Aunt when they played at it. I always got them there late and I still have a guilty conscience about it, so I hope I can earn their forgiveness. ;o) Kallan spoke in church today. (Yes, that means a Webster has spoken in church for the last three weeks.) He stole everyone's hearts with his great jokes. Melanie Spendlove turned around and said that it must be a barrel of fun around our house. I know what you are thinking, "you have NO idea!" right??!! Yep, that's what we told her!

We got Britton and Kameron set up with homemade lemonade and even found a snow cone machine. So they are in business now. It's mostly to get them out of the house and doing something good with their time. Hopefully they'll earn enough for school clothes.

Jadon got a job promotion and gets to start training to cook. He just found out that American Idol auditions are in Salt Lake on July 29th. I am so sad because I will be in Phoenix at a training meeting and won't be able to go with him. Guess Paul will get the opportunity.

I have been making Salsa for the fruitstand. If I'm lucky, I might be able to buy ME some new school clothes, too. ;o) My cookbook should be coming in a couple of weeks. I am really excited about that. I received a new church job this week. I've been called to be the secretary in Relief Society. Kind of funny that as soon as I find out I'm going to be a grandmother is when I graduate from Primary to RS. It should be an interesting experience for me since I've been in primary over 20 years and never been in RS or in Young Women's. Hopefully I can do some good. I was doing singing time for the summer. Now I'm sad that I can't do it, but I suppose something good will be around the corner.

Paul, Kallan, and I went to the cabin Friday night and came home Sat. afternoon. Paul ran over a screw backing into the cabin, so had to change his flat first thing Sat. morning. Then he worked on putting the paper on the face of the house to prep it for rock. (We may eventually get that rock up there) ;o) I spent the morning cleaning and mopping and getting ready for next weekend.

We will be going up on Thursday and coming home on Saturday. There is a Webster reunion at Vicki and Sandy's on Friday. The bummer is that the Whipple's won't be there. Also, Whitnee won't make it home. We got her tickets, but she can't get it off work. She's ready to come home and we are ready to see her. Jadon also has to work, so we're not sure when he will be able to come up. I just want my family all together-- guess that is a little harder these days. I suppose that is why I need to have a job or a hobby, so I don't bug them all the time. ;o)

Wes & Tiff have been in Scipio this weekend with her family for a reunion.

Whitnee & Misi were in Boston last weekend. Check out Whitnee's blog for the story and pictures. It's so cute. She has a countdown to her baby on there.

We hope you all are well and life is good!!