Monday, June 16, 2008


Kallan just finished up an undefeated season of baseball. His team played in a double header tournament on Tuesday to finish up with a perfect record. He has been playing shortstop and has also played in the field some. He did a great job this year.

Kallan is also working in the squash patch with Grandma Vicki. He loves earning extra money. He is also trying to get into the JAG golf program. He loves golf now since he has been playing Tiger Woods on the ninetendo.

Kallan got braces on a week or so ago. It was a rough first few days since his mouth hurt and he couldn't eat anything. He's doing much better now, and excited for his teeth to look beautiful! ;o)

One sweet thing about Kallan-- he came home from church Sunday and began trying to play some hymns. He is trying to make sure that he can play a hymn or two in case his brothers don't show up to Priesthood. I guess Jadon has been asked to play the piano in Priesthood and Wesley is his backup. Sometimes they forget to get a sub if they aren't there. Kallan took it upon himself to be able to back them up if needed. What a great kid!!

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