Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Whitnee & Misi

Whit & Misi are still in Texas. Misi will finish up school in July. They found out on Saturday that their old agent had not even registered Misi in the NFL, so his name was not on any lists for the draft-- thus the reason for not getting drafted. His new agent has been calling all 32 teams this week and is trying to get him into some individual camps and working hard for him, so we are hopeful and excited again. Please keep them in your prayers!

The exciting news is that they are expecting a BABY!! WOW OH WOW!!! We are so excited!! Not that Paul and I didn't know this could happen, we were just really surprised-- no really, we just haven't come to grips with that Grandma and Grandpa title yet, but we have 8 months to get used to it! Whitnee is doing well! She is tired and nothing sounds good to eat, but I figure that is better than puking all the time. She is in great shape and good health, so I know all will be well. Guess for a due date is the end of January. She will be having an ultrasound next week to give them a better idea of how far long she is since she keeps track like her mother. ;o)

Won't it be exciting to see how cute this little bugger is?? The Tupe's are short on boys and the Webster's are short on girls, so it will be well loved no matter what. I think Misi is pretty excited. I haven't really talked to him yet, but I know he has always wanted kids and loves them. Wes & Jadon wished him a Happy Father's Day. Misi also had to talk in church Sunday. We were taking over the church for Father's Day, I guess. ;o)

Whitnee's working on setting up her blog. I have the link on my site so you can drop her a note. They will be in Boston this weekend visiting Misi's Uncle, then she will post pictures and stories next week.

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