Sunday, November 29, 2009


Monday before Thanksgiving, Jadon sang at "Dance for a Cure" at the High School.  Mom and I went and watched him.  The two little boys had football practice.

Tuesday I went shopping.  I had another great coupon day!  Spent $30 and saved $167.  I couldn't believe all I got for $30!  It was SOO fun!!

Wednesday was a busy day!!  I went and helped out at Kameron's Mountain Man activity until 11:30.  Then I headed to the HS football field.  It was the powder puff game and Kallan was a "He-schelle."  It was quite the adventure!!  They stole the show, that's for sure!!

After a Subway sandwich, I cleaned out the fridges, mopped the floors, and tidied up.

The evening was spent making pies with Mykelle.   We made 2 pumpkin, 1 mixed berry pie, 1 Key Lime pie, and 5 cheesecakes.

It was one of those beautiful winter evenings with a fire, a clean house, and a movie!  I love those peaceful nights!

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