Thursday, November 12, 2009

Halloween Dinner

I had our Halloween dinner on Sunday following Halloween.  Too much craziness to do it before.  I decided to do a body again, just for fun.  Mostly because I found some other cool body part recipes that I thought would be fun to try.  I have been doing "orange" dinners for the last few years, so thought it would be good to surprise the kids with something a little more fun.  Besides, Misi & Tiffany hadn't yet experienced one of our weird dinners yet.

I decided to do real BBQ ribs for the ribs and found a cool recipe for intestines that I tweaked to our liking.  I did a little twist to the breadstick bones, but my favorite part was the heart.

I found this cool recipe for a jello heart will real "blood" to ooze out from it.  I couldn't find a heart mold, so I got creative and made one out of  bread bag.  It turned out really cool and realistic.

The only downfall was that I made the "blood" a little thick so it didn't ooze properly when stabbed with a knife, so I had to grab it and squeeze it all over the heart.  Which brought on the second problem-- it made Tiffany sick.

I gave her the disclaimer in the beginning that she didn't have to eat anything that bothered her, since I've been in her spot before.  She was doing good until the blood ooze thing.  I felt bad.  The good news is that she will be able to enjoy other Halloween and April Fool's dinners when she's not pregnant and miserable.  It's hard to phase Misi.  Between Samoa and the Phillippinnes, he's already eaten all of the weirdest real stuff anyway.

Turned out to be a fun meal.  Kameron's favorite part was the Orange drink.  Funny!

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