Sunday, November 29, 2009

Coming Home

I was really glad to be home.  My kids were amazing.  Mykelle is incredible and the kids like her better than me.  She ran a "tight ship."  The house was immaculate when I got home and according to the kids, it was that way the whole time we were gone.  Maybe the Webster's are turning over a new leaf!  Thanks to Mykelle!!

There is no greater gift for a parent than the gift of good and righteous children.  I feel so blessed to have the wonderful kids I have!

I found out that I could do whatever I wanted and my kids would be okay, providing Mykelle was around.  But then I would miss out on so much.  I'm hoping I can still provide something in my home! ;o)

I had a busy week ahead of me when I got home!
Tuesday I was in charge of the book review in our ward.  We reviewed "Hidden Treasures" by Leslie Householder.  I had a blast with this discussion!  It was so fun!

Wednesday I had a Night of Excellence to attend.

Thursday was our Stake YW Leadership Training.  I spent Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday dumpster diving, carving rocks and painting rocks for the event.  For some reason, everything else fell on this night, too. Kameron had a football party. Britton had football practice.  Kallan had basketball practice.  Paul had roundtable and Mykelle had a volleyball game.  Jadon was singing at our meeting.  Paul received a text that Kallan had a parent meeting at 6:00 pm.  Oh yeah, and the two little boys had a piano recital.

So Britton missed football practice and we had Mykelle take him to the recital.  Paul went to Kallan's basketball meeting, then went and got Kameron and ran to piano, then he brought them home and went to roundtable.  I left at 5:00 and got home after 9:00 pm.  What a day!!

Saturday we cleaned the food storage room, started the Christmas lights and cleaned the house.

Sunday Jadon sang in the 2nd ward, then in the 1st ward, then at the Jubilee of Trees.  He did an amazing job!!  It was quite the week!

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