Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Why is it that you have to have 2-3 costumes per kid just to get through Halloween?  It started off on Monday with Kam having a birthday party that he had to dress up for.  We didn’t have costumes figured out yet, so the girls dressed him up as a hippie with my tie-dye shirt and the Jamaican Dred lock hat and some cool sunglasses.

Come Thursday, Kallan had a dance at the school.  He dressed up like a volleyball player.  The girls did a good job of making him look sweet!


Friday came and Kallan’s “real” costume was  to be “Hot Rod.”  Mykelle and I stayed up till midnight getting that bugger ready.  Because Kameron could never decide on a costume, we bought him the “Wheaties box” from Walmart, so he went to the Halloween parade as that.  Britton was sick, so he had to miss school and was bummed.

Saturday (after two football games) came costume time again.  Whitnee and Mykelle had landed some good stuff at the DI.

Misi dressed as a college football coach (go figure).  Palo looked so cute as Tigger.

Paul dressed as a blind ref.

Britton went as a mad scientist.

Kameron went as the volleyball player.

Jadon dressed as a beat up nerd.

I went as a hospital patient with a “breezy” hospital gown on.  Paul was worried that I’d offend someone, but the first warders just thought it was hysterical. 

After all the Halloween fun—the party was not as busy as last year—we came home.

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Decker and Tara said...

Fun costumes....I might have to steal some of those ideas for next year!