Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What happens when Dad's gone to Scout Camp....

So Paul was gone to scout camp and I went shopping with Jadon and Kameron. After leaving Walmart, on the way to Costco, we passed some people who had free kittens. I couldn’t stop then, but told the boys that we should get a kitten from the Animal Shelter so we could save a life. I’m thinking that they’re free and we could do some good.

So on the way home, we stop at the shelter and I let the boys each pick out a kitten. Kameron picked up this little orange kitten who was just weaned from it’s mom and said, “Mom, look at it’s eyes.” Okay, so how do you not get a kitten when your kid says that??!! Besides, it was true! There was something about those eyes!

When we got to the desk, we found out that they were $60 for boys & $80 for girls. I nearly had a heart attack, but had some of my salsa money with me and something just told me that I needed to do this. So I did. I paid for the sweet little thing, then paid for it again and again as each member of my family gave me a hard time for paying money for a kitten that they could get for free anywhere.

It's true, but as I said, something really told me that I needed to do this. It has been a great decision. This is the cutest cat. He is so funny and playful and we are all loving him. Even Paul's warming up to him a little bit.

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