Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New Callings

Just when things were crusing along all fine and dandy, we received a call one Sunday morning.  Paul came into the bathroom where I was just getting dressed.  He said, "sure.  We can be there in a half an hour."  Scrambling to get my hair done, we scurried off to the Stake offices to meet with President Harris.  I'm thinking it's something to do with Paul's scouting, but turns out, I had the hot seat.

Pres. Harris asked me to serve as 2nd Counselor in the Stake Young Women's.  I was in shock.....I said, "well, I've never been in Young Women's before.  Does that matter?"  He said, "nope!"  Then I started to cry as I looked at Paul.  Paul responded for me, "She's always loved the Young Women...."

Feeling overwhelmed and still in shock, I told the kids.  Wesley gave me great counsel...."Let's see, you've never been in Young Women's except for Girls Camp, right?"  "Yes."  "Well, look at it this way, mom, you will totally be working on inspiration."

That was so profound!  Scary for the fact that I have to be in tune to rely on inspiration, yet comforting to know that I will be guided instead of using "my own experience."  I felt so blessed to have such an in-tune son!

So, a couple of days later imagine how surprised I was to see Wes and Tiff come over in the evening.  We were getting ready to do the kids "back-to-school" blessings, when Wes came and asked for a blessing, as well.  Turns out he was just called as the new Young Men's President of his ward and needed to turn in counselor's names the next day.  Now this ward had just been reorganized the week before and was a mixture of 3 different wards.  They didn't really know anyone.  Besides the fact, he's only 24...... 

I guess I shouldn't feel "prouds" as a mom, but I sure was.  Wes is an incredible man.  I have always known there is something great about him and I've often thought how enjoyable it will be to watch his life unfold.  Fortunatly, I was able to give him some good advice I had recently received, "Well, look at it this way, you will totally be relying on inspiration...."

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