Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Scout Camp 50 Miler

Scout Camp! Two words that can conjure up all kinds of mental images. As a mother, I have loved watching my boys grow through the experiences of their scout camps. They have loved them and have grown so much as young men by attending them. This years was no exception. Paul is still the scoutmaster (which I love because he is with my boys so much) so he headed up this years adventure of a 50 mile hike over Cedar Mountain. Britton was even able to go up for a couple of days as an 11 year old scout.

Some days the walking got kind of monotonous and boring, but at times it was difficult and hard. They happened to pick the week that it rained almost every day, so that provided another great experience for them.
Hiking around Navajo Lake. A LONG Day!
Hopefully, they are staying on the right trail and not getting too far ahead of the group!

Nice background AND a nice time to show off those sexy bod's!

Britton & Dylan's shelter.

One of their best memories is doing the "polar bear" where you have to dunk completely under the freezing snow-melt water. Choice photo op.Britton-- Polar Bear

Kallan-- Polar Bear!

The Great White Polar Bear! Oh yeah! It's a vision!
Scott Parry's picture shows him completely dry. I am assuming he pulled out the "I'm a Dr. and need to keep myself strong to help anybody who gets hypothermia" card to avoid it. (I'm having a hard time uploading, so I'll just tell you about it.)
Then there's the pranks and tricks of boys who can't resist taking down a leaders tent or loading their backpack with rocks totally unbeknownst to them until they stop and take their backpack off.
Hard rain storms, potato guns, answered prayers, and a lost Bishop are included in this years bank of memories.

If suntanning were a merit badge, Kallan would have received his!

Oh the fun of Scout Camp!!

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