Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Round Up

Since we haven't taken the kids to the Round Up since they were little, it seemed a good year to go. First we had Japanese Exchange students here, so we thought they'd like a little taste of Western America. But the real reason for going was to hear Jadon sing the National Anthem! What a privelege and a great opportunity for him. Before we left to go, Mykelle told us that she's never been to the Round Up before. Amelia Hunt was down for Kaely Wardell Mitchell's wedding, so they decided to go to the rodeo together. Imagine Mykelle's surprise when Amelia said, "We are riding our horses in the opening." So not only did Mykelle get to attend the Round Up, but she got to do it in a way none of the rest of us have-- on horseback in front of all the crowd. She had a great time!

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Jadon was the one who really stole the show that night.  What an incredible experience and privilege for him! There was such a strong patriotic spirit present after the ceremonies that Jadon was choked up trying to sing. First they brought in a covered wagon and talked about the settling of the area.  Then they brought in a Howitzer that drove to the head of the arena and stopped.  The covered wagon pulled further in front of in and out of the back came firemen, policemen, and guardsmen who unfurled a large flag.  At that point, more guardsmen came on and formed an arrow point, then a bunch of flags carried by a lot of people streamed in on each side of the arena.  At that point a Blackhawk helicopter came and landed in the baseball field next to the arena.  It was so incredible.  Jadon walked into the arena between the Howitzer and the large flag and sang.  It was a perfect evening and he was incredible!!

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