Sunday, September 28, 2008

Football updates

The boys are doing really well in football this year. Kallan's team has lost the last two games. Britton and Kameron split their last two. Kallan is the center because he is good at hiking the ball and also because he is tough and not afraid. He comes up against some pretty big boys on the line. I told him to have the "Wyatt Parry" attitude-- he thinks he is bigger and meaner than he is and plays like it.

Britton has been doing a great job. Paul said that he had at least 5-6 sacks, several unassisted tackles and was in on a lot of tackles. He also plays fullback and blocks for the runners. Paul said it was one of his best games (and I was at Swiss Days)!

Kameron's been playing really well, too. He went from hardly playing to starting and playing defensive end. The photo is of his sack for a loss last week. (Can you believe I got a GOOD play on film? I usually miss them!) He did really well this week, too. Was in on a lot of tackles and nearly had a sack for a huge loss. It's been pretty fun watching them. Kam's team lost in overtime yesterday.

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