Sunday, September 28, 2008

Swiss Days

Swiss Days was pretty fun this year. It was different to have it all in the valley. Aside from the traffic problems, I quite liked it. For starters, Lainee was able to put the family float in our driveway and just pull out. No crowds and a place for the kids to run, get a drink, etc. Our street was chaotic, but most of the valley was the "parking lot" for all the activities. The float turned out cute and the kids had fun. Kallan was at a football game and Jadon was at All-State Choir practice, but Wes & Tiff made it. Thanks to Lainee for keeping the family together and doing a float!!

We had Amanda ride on the float and everybody was cracking up because SHE was filming everyone from the float instead of those watching filming her.

I did the candy store on Friday down at Heritage Square. Claudia was in charge of "hands on" this year and did a nice job. There were a lot of kids and they had a good time! We went down to the city office for the dinner afterward and got there at the end of the line and didn't get a lot of food because they were running out. There were A LOT of people there! More than I have ever seen. The evening weather was beautiful for those who stayed to the concert and fireworks. Britton and Kameron sang in the choir. Then we went home and finished the float and watched the fireworks from the driveway.

Saturday, I helped with the demonstrations going on. I picked a good job this year because I got to be inside with the air conditioning. I also made some Chess Pie for the Drama Club to sell at their face painting booth. Jadon even sang on the stage there by their booth after the other activities had wrapped up. I left from demonstrations and went to Kam's game, then straight to Women's Conference. I'm still needing a nap for recovery from the weekend! I spent all day Thursday making salsa.

All in all, I thought it was a great weekend!

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Prudy said...

What a fun post. Swiss Day is such a ball. It makes me so glad to be a part of this town. Thanks for the blow torch offer; I'm sure to take you up on it one day. As for the water bath, Dorie's recipe didn't call for one, so I didn't use one either.