Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Paul's Surgery

Paul had a little surgery today. He is having the varicose veins taken care of in his leg. Today's procedure was to cauterize the main vein feeding the damaged ones. He has to stay down for 24 hours and no sitting or standing for 48 hours. He also has to keep his leg wrapped for 48 hours. On Friday he will go in to make sure there are no blod clots, then rewrap his leg.

On Monday, we will go back in and they will cut and take out the damaged veins in his lower leg. It will be the same procedure for recovery on Monday-- in bed, then no sitting. He cannot travel and distances for 2 weeks and has to limit his sitting time for 2 weeks.

Can you say, "fun??"

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Whitnee & Misi Tupe said...

poor dad.. I bet it just kills him to sit there and do nothing. It's about time he did it though. At least he has Britton to rub his feet for him, and can act like a baby and have food served to him. haha

Melanie said...

Let him know the Spendloves are thinking of him. If we can do anything, please, let us know. I mean it!!!