Sunday, September 28, 2008

Update on Paul

Paul actually minded the Dr. for one day. He stayed off his leg the day after his surgery, then it was back to work. I told him that I had no sympathy if he didn't even TRY to obey. He is getting better and improving. The swelling is going down. He never says anything about having pain so either he doesn't have any or he is afraid that I won't have any sympathy anyway because I told him so.

Here are some pictures of it all.
The picture on the bottom is after the cauterization and before the veins were stripped. Top left photo is day 2 after the wrap came off. Top right picture is one week later after the stitches came out. (I don't know how to move these photos around and fix them to be in the right place.)

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Whitnee & Misi Tupe said...

Dang dad, that's nasty...are they supposed to look like normal legs again? At least he got them fixed