Friday, July 25, 2008

Published author

I am so excited! The first four of eight articles I have written for my Mentor Training have been accepted on You can read them by clicking on this link. The other four are still in the review stages and should be online soon.

I am now a published author. I guess it goes to show that there is so much to accomplish in life after being in the mommy business for so long. I know I will never quit being a mother, nor would I ever want to. I am just so glad that I chose to put my kids first for all those years, and now can reach out to others.

All you young mom's out there. Cherish each day with your family. Give them your time, because there will come another season for you to rise and shine to the rest of the world!


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Prudy said...

Huge congrats! What about your cookbook? Are you doing a booksigning? Let me know. Erin Mylroie

Prudy said...

Ok-I spoke to soon. I'll go check out your post below. I should have known better:)

Aubrey & Garrett Frei said...

Lainee had some of your yummy salsa at her house the other day when I was over there, I must admit I'm an addict to it! It is so great! Way to go! I'll be a regular "buyer" of the salsa!