Thursday, July 24, 2008

4th of July

I'm a little late getting this post up because I was waiting to get some pictures of the 4th from my sister. I decided that I'd better just get this up here so I can quit worrying about it!

We spent the 4th of July up at the cabin with Mom, Sue, Randy and their kids. We had a fun fireworks show! It all started with Randy opening his pack of fireworks. He and Kallan were the pyrotechinicians this year. They took the first large item and tried to light it. It just wouldn't light. Finally, Randy picked it up and noticed the wick was a string, so he pulled it. We heard this bang and Kallan scream and grab his chest. For your information, large poppers hurt when aimed at your chest two feet away. This was the beginning of what turned out to be an entertaining firework show. I must say, that we were trained by the best-- the Whipple's. There is truly not another group out there who can create all kinds of excitement with fireworks and several hoses.

After realizing that the fireworks from Arizona were ALL poppers, we broke into the Webster set. We had a few fun fountains going off. Sue's little Kelton, hid under the blanket on Grandma's lap and wouldn't allow his head to be uncovered. Part way into our show, Paul decided to go for the "father-the-year" award for "Best example in a firework display" by jumping over one of the fountains while it was going off. He was sitting off to the side of the cabin feeling a little attention deprived, when out of the blue, he took off running right past everyone and over the fountain. This was not the smartest thing I have ever seen him do, especially since Britton and Callum tried to do it after him on a smaller fountain. (Maybe these are the three most attention deprived in our family?!)

Our next display was when Kallan took what I think was a Roman Candle. Now if I remember right, Roman Candles are long sticks that you can hold in your hand. Sometimes they shoot off little blasts into the sky. Well, Kallan didn't know you were supposed to hold it, so he set it on the ground to light it. It tipped over, so we were all yelling for him to hold it. He picked it up and waved it around for a second or two, but was nervous so he dropped it on the ground, facing the cabin and all of us sitting on the porch. Fortunately, this was NOT one of the shooters. It provided just enough excitement for us to scream at Kallan to turn it, but it died out.

But the grand daddy of them all was toward the end of the show when Kallan lit a cone fountain. He lit it and moved back when the fountain tipped over and was aimed toward the cabin again. He ran in and kicked it to face off the side of the cabin and just as he moved back to watch, the thing shot off and stuff went whizzing past the cabin to the front and right toward Kallan in the back. He had to jump since the fireballs went right past him. Mykelle said that Kallan was the firework target all night. It was true. It sure did make for an entertaining show, however.

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