Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Chronologically, Easter would be the next event to get posted on my blog.

I LOVE Easter. I am so grateful to have such great traditions handed down to me. Coloring Easter Eggs is one of those really fun things. Sue and her family always come up. Randy & Wes have to put together a "Priesthood Egg." (It got that name because it took two brethren to make it.) Paul usually makes his ONE egg. And we all love to see how pretty our eggs are. I almost hate breaking them!

The Easter Egg Bust is another of those great traditions. It probably has no rhyme or reason to it, but we love it anyway. We also get to see a lot of other people/family that way. What a riot!
(Dalton's first egg bust. May have been Misi's, too. Can't you see the concentration in their faces?)

This year, we did a little Egg hunt at Grandma Vicki's store. Aunt Sue always gets good stuff and the kids had a blast!

Somewhere in all of this the Easter Bunny makes his way, too, but for us, the fun of Easter is in the eggs, egg hunts, egg busts, and just being together!

Catch-up time

So I've been a slacker ever since I was working on Grad Nite. And I'm one of those "Personalities" that has to go back and put everything in and in chronological order, so it's put me off a little more. I'm trying to enlist my daughter's to help me. But most likely, it will be stuff I have to put in and write about. I'm gearing up.....I'll probably need prayers for this . ;o)