Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Paul's 46th Birthday

Paul celebrated his birthday just the way he wanted-- on a quiet Sunday with his family gathered around. It was fun to have all the kids home and be together. I couldn't convince anyone to wrap his presents nicely. This is what I got-- The biggest box they could find to hold his clothes with a newspaper taped to the top. Well, they did wrap a couple of things separate-- rolled them up in newspaper. You can call this frugal OR just plain old white trash!

The funny part is that I asked Paul for some money to go get him something for his birthday and he handed me the Kohl's card his mother had given him for Christmas. So essentially he got his Christmas for his birthday. Now THAT is a trick in frugality! ;o) Just so you know, I did spent a chunk extra to get more clothes since he REALLY needs some. But his mom did get a kick out of us using her Christmas for his birthday.

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