Friday, January 23, 2009

The Greatest Gift

We received the Greatest Gift on the 21st. A sweet granddaughter was born to Whitnee & Misi. Her name is Palo. She is named after Misi's great great great grandmother who was a Princess to the King in Samoa. I think she is so beautiful! But I guess all grandma's think their baby is the best!!

Whitnee did such a good job in delivery. (Thank you epidural!) It made all of our experience great. I have never seen such a tender and sweet husband and father as Misi. He is so kind and sweet in taking care of Whitnee and he just adores this little girl! I can tell you that NO ONE will mess with her! We do not want to face her dad!!

Everyone in our house is pretty excited. Paul and I are still having a little trouble with our new titles, but LOVE having this little sweetie around!

One of the most tender experiences was seeing Grandma and Grandpa Frei with her. I don't think I've seen Grandpa smile that big and for such a long time. You couldn't wipe the smile off his face. Whitnee wanted her dressed in purple just for Grandma Frei. It was so cute because Grandma was dressed in purple, too. It isn't very often that you have a 5th generation with BOTH grandparents! It was so touching!

Whit is pretty sore. She hurt her tailbone in delivery, so she is not moving very fast. She's doing better today, but we can't miss painkillers. She is such a cute mom. She is so good with her and is going to be a great mom.

We are having a hard time not taking a thousand pictures. They are just so darn cute when they are this tiny.

You can read about all the details on Whitnee's blog.