Thursday, November 6, 2008


Halloween Day started off with me running to Kmart at 8:00 am to pick up a shirt and pants for Kameron's costume. I dropped him off at school, then ran home to shower. I made it to the school Halloween parade just in time. I watched with Gavin, Lainee, Tara Landis, Brooke Ence, and Tiffany Newby. We had fun all there watching. I totally missed Britt, though. None of us saw him come through, so I went to his class after to get his picture. Preston was excited to go with me and see him.

That afternoon I went to Kallan's class play. He did a good job. Then it was home to get ready for the evening. Kallan got all dressed up and went to a party with Weston Wilson and a bunch of kids. He looked pretty darn funny. Nola said he looked like an old man.

Jadon went with Jared Radmall and Alec Bracken. They were a bunch of old women and looked pretty darn hysterical. The funny part was when they got home, their feet were aching because they were wearing Mykelle's shoes. Alec had them buckled so tight that he had a line across his ankle. Jadon was in flats and was still complaining about his feet, too. Pretty funny!

The highlight of the night was the ward Trunk or Treat party. They had a big ward bash in the cul-de-sac below the post office. They had a popcorn machine up, a cotton candy machine, hot dogs and chili, a spook alley, homemade rootbeer and lots of candy. We all brought our candy dishes and handed candy out. Britton had a full bag by the time we were done. It was fun and there were a lot of people! After that, Britton went trick-or-treating with Hunter Hammer and his family. Amanda went with them so she could experience REAL trick-or-treating. Kam was pooped and came home. They ended up with a HUGE load of candy and had a great night!!

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