Monday, August 4, 2008

End of July

I ended July with my Mentor Training that I mentioned below.

Jadon auditioned for American Idol on Tuesday. He felt like he did really well, however, the judge didn't even look at him. He said that he sang first, then 3 other girls. When they were finished, the judge just said, "it's been a long day so none of you are going through." A little disappointing, but he still had a good experience and is begging me to go to the tryouts in Kansas City.

Mykelle moved back to SLC on Thursday. Paul went up on Friday and helped her get all moved in. She is loving being with her friends and is having a better experience this year. She started practice on Monday and says all is going well.

Whitnee and Misi moved from their house into an apartment with Sini. They are hoping to find out soon if Misi can get on a team or practice squad soon. He graduates this weekend. Whitnee is doing well but is tired.

Kameron played in a baseball tournament this weekend. They won their two games on Friday, but lost both on Saturday. He had some great hits and had fun.

Also on Saturday, we picked up football pads for all three younger boys. They are excited to start playing football. Their games will be on Saturdays.

Jadon and Kallan register for school this week. Can you believe it's time to go back to school already?? WOW! That went by fast!

Britton's birthday is on Sunday. Jadon is supposed to sing and Kameron give a talk in primary, so it will be a busy weekend.

The Chinese teacher comes on Saturday, too. We also are having one of Kallan's friends in our ward stay with us this weekend, too. Fun! Fun! Fun! BUSY, too!!!

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Prudy said...

Your blog looks adorable! Pretty colors, cool tunes, what more could you want?
Sorry about the AI try outs. We all know how TV stuff is fake and fluky. We'll be rooting for his next shot.