Monday, August 25, 2008

What's going on around here

Just about everything is going on around here now. The Chinese teacher came just before Britton's birthday party. She is a darling lady from China. Her American name is Amanda which is so much easier than us thrashing her Chinese name. She is kind, sweet, and funny. Everyone she runs into has given her the warning about our house. Usually, "Oh! You'll really learn what a crazy house is like living there!" She's adjusted great and already feels a part of the family. We have had some neat experiences with her in just the few weeks she's been here. She even had a back-to-school blessing from Paul that was really neat.

She tells me all the time that she likes my cooking and is gaining weight. She doesn't cook herself, but I am teaching her, so she is having fun with that now, too.

I'm still doing Salsa everyday, selling cookbooks, and am going full throttle with the Theatre Arts Council for the High School. We are so excited for all that is happening and the help and support, so good things are coming along with that.

I am also mentoring 5 people in the thoughtsalive home study course. I will be teaching my first class on Thursday at the city office building. Fun, exciting, scary! What a great adventure I have started!

The three younger boys are playing football, so our evenings are running everyone to practice and back. If we eat dinner all together, it is usually about 8 at night. We're starting to get in a groove, though.

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