Monday, August 25, 2008

Back To School

Everyone was back to school on August 12. I remembered pictures of Britton and Kameron, but forgot to get Kallan and Jadon. Guess it makes a difference when you walk them to school and take a camera along. It just isn't as cool to do that at the middle and high school.

Kameron is in 3rd grade. His teacher is Mrs. Bowler. He seems to be enjoying school, so that is good!

Britton is in 4th grade and has Mrs. Bundy for his teacher. He really likes her and all seems well there, too.

Kallan is in 8th grade at the middle school. They are now on the block schedule like the high school, and I love it! He actually takes his German 1 class at the high school. So every other day, he starts at the high school, then walks down to the Middle school for his next class.

Jadon is just having a grand old time being a senior this year. He has some fun classes and is enjoying himself already!

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