Monday, August 25, 2008


Jadon got the lead role of "Beast" in the play Beauty and the Beast! We are so excited and so is he! It is going to be such fun and a great thing for him to finish his Senior year! The school is excited, too. There are at least 70 kids on the cast this play. We have involved the art department, the dance company, and are going to check in with the sewing classes, too. We have tried really hard to make this a not only a school production, but something great that brings Snow Canyon to the forefront in the Arts program!

The play is the weekend before Thanksgiving. It will run Thurs, Fri, Sat, and Mon. May have some extra days if it is busy! Mark your calendars now! You won't want to miss this one!

What's going on around here

Just about everything is going on around here now. The Chinese teacher came just before Britton's birthday party. She is a darling lady from China. Her American name is Amanda which is so much easier than us thrashing her Chinese name. She is kind, sweet, and funny. Everyone she runs into has given her the warning about our house. Usually, "Oh! You'll really learn what a crazy house is like living there!" She's adjusted great and already feels a part of the family. We have had some neat experiences with her in just the few weeks she's been here. She even had a back-to-school blessing from Paul that was really neat.

She tells me all the time that she likes my cooking and is gaining weight. She doesn't cook herself, but I am teaching her, so she is having fun with that now, too.

I'm still doing Salsa everyday, selling cookbooks, and am going full throttle with the Theatre Arts Council for the High School. We are so excited for all that is happening and the help and support, so good things are coming along with that.

I am also mentoring 5 people in the thoughtsalive home study course. I will be teaching my first class on Thursday at the city office building. Fun, exciting, scary! What a great adventure I have started!

The three younger boys are playing football, so our evenings are running everyone to practice and back. If we eat dinner all together, it is usually about 8 at night. We're starting to get in a groove, though.

Back To School

Everyone was back to school on August 12. I remembered pictures of Britton and Kameron, but forgot to get Kallan and Jadon. Guess it makes a difference when you walk them to school and take a camera along. It just isn't as cool to do that at the middle and high school.

Kameron is in 3rd grade. His teacher is Mrs. Bowler. He seems to be enjoying school, so that is good!

Britton is in 4th grade and has Mrs. Bundy for his teacher. He really likes her and all seems well there, too.

Kallan is in 8th grade at the middle school. They are now on the block schedule like the high school, and I love it! He actually takes his German 1 class at the high school. So every other day, he starts at the high school, then walks down to the Middle school for his next class.

Jadon is just having a grand old time being a senior this year. He has some fun classes and is enjoying himself already!


Mykelle was off to college the first of August. She came home for one weekend, but then was in the full swing of things. They had their first tournament this last weekend in Idaho. They won all their games, so that is a good sign for the year.

She's had a sore back she has been nursing, but still managed to play and did a great job from what feedback I can get.

She has a tournament in SLC this weekend that we will be going to. The next weekend she is in Vegas, so we will go to that, as well. I will feed the team on their way through. I"m looking forward to that!

School has started for her, too. She is enjoying her roommates--two that she played ball with here in St. George and the other was her teammate from last year. I think it's going to be a great year!

Britton's Birthday

I'm a little late getting this up. We took all the birthday pictures with Mykelle's camera and then she left for school, so I've been delayed getting pictures. I finally just told Mykelle to load them from her place.

Britton's birthday was on August 9 at the Tonaquint Park. It is a park with some older kid rides on it that they loved! It was a nice hot August day, but they still had a great time. Now he's 10 and in weeblos and 4th grade!

Monday, August 4, 2008

End of July

I ended July with my Mentor Training that I mentioned below.

Jadon auditioned for American Idol on Tuesday. He felt like he did really well, however, the judge didn't even look at him. He said that he sang first, then 3 other girls. When they were finished, the judge just said, "it's been a long day so none of you are going through." A little disappointing, but he still had a good experience and is begging me to go to the tryouts in Kansas City.

Mykelle moved back to SLC on Thursday. Paul went up on Friday and helped her get all moved in. She is loving being with her friends and is having a better experience this year. She started practice on Monday and says all is going well.

Whitnee and Misi moved from their house into an apartment with Sini. They are hoping to find out soon if Misi can get on a team or practice squad soon. He graduates this weekend. Whitnee is doing well but is tired.

Kameron played in a baseball tournament this weekend. They won their two games on Friday, but lost both on Saturday. He had some great hits and had fun.

Also on Saturday, we picked up football pads for all three younger boys. They are excited to start playing football. Their games will be on Saturdays.

Jadon and Kallan register for school this week. Can you believe it's time to go back to school already?? WOW! That went by fast!

Britton's birthday is on Sunday. Jadon is supposed to sing and Kameron give a talk in primary, so it will be a busy weekend.

The Chinese teacher comes on Saturday, too. We also are having one of Kallan's friends in our ward stay with us this weekend, too. Fun! Fun! Fun! BUSY, too!!!

It's Official

It's official! I am a new Thoughts Alive Mentor. I had such a great time at my training in Mesa and am now ready to start teaching. I have a few things left to finish before my web pages are up and running, but will be getting to them soon and will post links for you. I was also given 5 people to begin mentoring in the FTMF course at The other exciting news is that the articles that are posted on that I mentioned in my last post, are being viewed quite a bit. As a matter fact, 7 of my articles have been picked up for publishing. How cool is that??!! Part of what I will be doing in the future is writing a book or two. That is exciting to me as well. I am sure having fun doing what I love and making money at it! I'll give you links as soon as I get them, but if you are curious about what led me here, you can go to and check things out.